First Legume Society Conference
First Legume Society Conference
Novi Sad, Serbia, 9-11 May 2013
1st LSC: Daniel WipfDaniel Wipf

Daniel Wipf is leader of the mycorrhizal team of the Agroecology Unit (Dijon). The Research group has outstanding expertise in investigations of the development of theMedicago/Glomus symbiosis. It has focused on early cell processes involved in fungal host recognition mechanisms as well as mechanisms for sugar transfer at a biotrophic interface. The team is and has been involved in several national and international (MYCHINTEC, GENOMYCA, MEDICAGO, MICROGER, COST actions…) projects related to molecular genetics, agricultural relevance and functional genomics of plant-microbe interactions.

In recent years, team projects in Dijon have focussed on a number of investigations to explore developmental and functional processes in endomycorrhiizal interactions. Daniel Wipf has long-standing expertise in collaborative projects: he has been coordinator or Partner in several academic projects in Germany and France (German Foundation for Science (DFG), French Ministry of Research, Burgundy Regional Council, COST, DAAD, PROCOPE…), as well as projects in collaboration with industrial partners (ANVAR), OSEO, Burgundy Regional Council).

Daniel Wipf is ANR, IRD, DFG, FRB and AERES expert.