First Legume Society Conference
First Legume Society Conference
Novi Sad, Serbia, 9-11 May 2013
1st LSC: Paolo AnnicchiaricoBirte Boelt

Birte Boelt studied the establishment of undersown grasses for seed production for her PhD, and since 1990 she has organized and carried out research to improve the understanding of biological reactions in seed crops in order to target cultivation techniques and in this way optimise the robustness of the crop, seed yield and quality.

She is employed as a Senior Scientist in the Department of Agroecology, Science and Technology, Aarhus University and heads the team of Seed Science and Technology.

Birte Boelt is currently the President of the International Herbage Seed Research Group Her total number of publications is 261 with 42 peer reviewed articles, 45 contributions to international conference proceedings and 2 contributions to scientific books.